Story + Mission

For more than 30 years, the Little Tracker® brand has allowed curious children and families to explore our vast and diverse world. The Little Tracker® brand is a family-focused company that brings the world to your doorstep and encourages children to learn through discovery.

Children can learn to identify wild animals, birds and ocean life & their unique habitats through a diverse and inclusive cast of child ambassadors featured in the range of Little Tracker® books, toys, plush, apparel, bed & bath, lighting, accessories, and Little Tracker® Cookie Match Game.

A Message From Pat

When my first grandchild Lauren was born, I was inspired to move forward on my dream of building a line of children's books and products. Friends, family and fans have been devoted to the success of the Little Tracker® brand and series. We have all worked hard to make this dream become a reality. Our team is dedicated to fun for all children and their families.

The safari series products featured, are just the beginning of many more to come. Our educational products of books, games, puzzles, plush puppets and, Little Tracker® Cookie Match Game will be introduced each month when they are available.

-Pat Fordham, CEO of Fordham Enterprises

Inspired Characters

The characters in the Little Tracker® series are inspired by real life kids! Tanner being a main character in the Safari series is based off of Pat's grandson - pictured here.

The Little Tracker® Troupe is made up of a diverse collection of kids depicting different genders and ethnicities!